Remembrance Day 2021

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Happy Canada Day

Compare us to any other country in the world in terms of our work at making this a better world and we are hard to beat.

And we will keep trying to make this a better world, even though sometimes some people have a difficult time acknowledging our progress.

Enjoy your rights and freedoms Canadians and thank people like John A. MacDonald without whom there would be no Canada and no Charter of Rights and Freedoms to enjoy.

Kate Clanchy – How to Grow Your Own Poem

As I continue this “Morphment” to Kevin Alan McGill, Social Philosopher Poet and Storyteller, I picked up this amazing book – How to Grow Your Own Poem by Kate Clanchy. And it is just wonderful.

Kate is a poet and teacher that I came across taking one of those free courses from FutureLearn. The course comes from the University of Reading in England. She was one of their featured lecturers. And as soon as she started talking, I thought “Wow! Here’s someone I can really learn from!”

Her book is about how to create a poem construction process for yourself. It provides exercises and examples to help you get your ideas out and to shape them according to the you that you are.

ISBN 13-978-1529024692 Picador Press an imprint of Pan MacMillan

The Evolution continues

As I further shift my identification to Kevin Alan McGill, Social Philosopher Poet and Storyteller, I continue to develop my website including the K.S.E.A. – Democracy Project at . Hope to see you there.

Impending retirement of The Possible Ks

About 8 years ago, when I first started out on this writing journey, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to write. So I came up with the idea of The Possible Ks. I was going to experiment with styles and shapes and media and present them as Sat K, and The Poet K, and Citizen K, etc.

Well, my writing has evolved and my sense of self along with that.

So I am going to be retiring The Possible Ks concept.

It’s time to consolidate my alter egos and just be Kevin Alan McGill, Social Philosopher Poet and Storyteller. I am channeling my “inner beatnik” to come up with socially conscious poetry, flash fiction, lyrics and satire.

Part of that development is changing my HostPapa website domain to

I will be developing that site along the same lines as my possible ks site, focusing on graphic illustrations as my primary blogging tool. 

So if you’d like to join me on the new site just click on the link and sign up there to get email notices when I post. No purchase necessary. The new posts have already started.

I’d be glad to hear from you.

Camera Captures

I have taken a ton of pictures from The Arctic to The Caribbean to Europe. And I have decided to start sharing some of these on my website. Photos like this:

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A New Culture

Let’s stay in touch

I am in the process of switching domains and establishing a better blend between my website and this site. I will keep you informed of the changes.

I will post here on my blog at least once per month and spend the rest of my time on the site visiting other sites including yours.

Hopefully we can keep in touch better and I can keep developing interesting content for you, my audience.

Thanks and remember I really appreciate hearing your comments.


My eBooks Everywhere

I now have 6 volumes of the “Dancing In Dangerous Times” digests available at various eBook retailers including Amazon-Kindle, Apple Books, Barnes&Noble, Chapters-Indigo, Scrib’d and Smashwords.

The latest is the “Romance Volume” just in time for Valentine’s Day.

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I also have “Canadian? Me?” available although it was published as Kevin McGill.

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Thanks a bunch!


New Book Coming Available

Coming in the next week to various eBook retailers.

Information Underload

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The Plague

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