The K – 2017

The Oubliant tribe deep in the tropical rainforests of northern Saskatchewan believes that life totally changes with each new day. They live according to their ancient practice of Ol Dlangs Ein. They go to bed each night saying a prayer of forgiveness. Each morning, they renew their pledge to live and let live.

As a result, they are the most abused people on the face of the earth!

Happy New Year, 2017

Okay so, 2016 was amazing for me on so many levels.

The rest of the world – not so much!

As I enter 2017, I am continuing to tidy up and freshen up the blog in preparation for moving it to a self-hosted site using

If during this you lose any post to which you are particularly fond, let me know and I will try to replace it.

The blog will be streamlined to particularly focus on the “Park Bench Philosophy” comics and “Sat Ks Monthly”. TKP Rehab will be prominently displayed as well. The rest of the K’s will feature samples of my work, new experimental stuff and spur of the moment outbursts.

My hope is to E-publish my first book this winter. So hopefully you will find some stuff you like there.

Have the year that you are going to have. (Hopefully it will be a good one.)

For Satire, Seriousness and Something To Think About, come to Kevin Allan McGill The Possible Ks


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