The K – “Revamping Citizen K Category”

Okay so, it’s time to tidy up the Citizen K posts in preparation for the move to self-hosted.

Overall I have been experimenting with a number of different styles with these posts. Looking back on them, I think that some have been too wordy for blogging. So I am going to remove those and re-blog them in a more accessible format. This will include some if not all of the Let’s Have That Conversation posts.

I have taken the social justice poems out of the old Let’s Have That Conversation category and will be re-posting them as posters within The Poet K category after the move. So that might be fun.

Some ideas don’t fit a poster format, some do. I will sort that out and add posters as the ideas allow. Otherwise the ideas will come back in a stream-lined format.

I also plan to add a category for the visually-impaired who could find the poster format inaccessible.

So here goes. Let me know if you miss a favourite post.

And thank you for stopping by.


A posting from Kevin McGill’s The Possible Ks

Canadian Satire, Poetry, Social Justice Commentary & Inspiration

Creative Commons Copyright – Share. Just give me credit for my work, don’t make a profit from my work, and don’t change the content.

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