They’ve taken my old age away

A couple of us old folks were talking about the kinds of workshops we could put on for young people entering the job market today.

I mentioned that what I thought would be most helpful was to talk about the reality of the day to day, year to year demands of going to work. You know, what happens over the course of a career.

One of us strongly dismissed that idea.

“Nobody’s interested in that stuff. Everything is about now, what’s new, where are we going, not where we’ve been. What they want to feel is energized and excited. They’re not interested in your past experience.”

I was speechless.

The one thing that old folks were supposed to be able to provide is perspective, how life works out over the long haul, the pitfalls along the way.

Apparently, in today’s world, yesterday’s lessons no longer apply. History just slows thing down.

So, if my life experience no longer has value, what else is lacking.

The answer seems to be everything.

Old equals damaged, less than, inconvenient.

We’ve been melded into that category of people who need to be “included”. Yet included means  allowed to engage in young mainstream activities.

You know what, I don’t really want to be all that involved in young activities. Justin Bieber is a great musician. Yet, I don’t think that his lyrics are going to teach me much about life and certainly aren’t particularly relevant to my life at present.

I watch people my age obsessed with proving that they haven’t aged at all, that they can still keep up.

Well, I can’t. I admit it. When I try to keep up, I just hurt myself. And what is the point of doing that anyway? If I haven’t proven myself to myself by now, running a marathon isn’t going to change that.

There was a movie called “No Country for Old Men”.

I’ve come to think, “Yes, you’ve got that right.”

It seems that the only thing that I could offer anyone today is to not be old.

They have taken my old age away.

Kevin Alan McGill

Flash Fiction, Satire and Poetry, etc.


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