I do despair

Once again this week a letter to the editor appeared in the local newspaper bemoaning that we had made all these sacrifices to save a bunch of old and/or sick people who were going to die soon anyways.

8 months after the alarm was first sounded that our health care system was not adequate to take care of the regular cases let alone a deluge of new cases, people seem unable to grasp that the crisis is the inadequate health care system. Maybe it just seems too complex an issue. Maybe it’s because the politicians don’t want to open up that can of worms that they themselves created. Or maybe people don’t want to accept responsibility for their part in creating the crisis.

In the meantime, my wife and I went to a large local park. We were observing proper social distancing measures as I pumped up my kayak. A lady came over to watch and talked to my wife. She told her that her husband had died from Covid-19 complications in the earlier weeks of the pandemic. She said that the only place he went to be around people was the barbershop. Otherwise, they didn’t have have alot of contact with others. I wonder what that letter writer would say to her face about how he probably wasn’t worth saving.

In the meantime, she goes to the park to sit alone by herself sitting in his favourite folding chair.

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