The Plague

Kevin Alan McGill The Possible Ks

2 thoughts on “The Plague

  1. I believe it. From day one, I’ve always believed that, although the virus is real and it does kill people whose health is already compromised, it has largely been made out to be worse than what it is. Love the quote above! It’s says it so perfectly!


    • The issue isn’t the virus, per se, The issue remains our inadequate preparation and response.
      For centuries, screening, quantantining, social distancing, hygiene, hydration and basic TLC has been the path to managing such viruses.
      A year into this and we are still allowing mutations of the virus to enter the country. Job-sites aren’t following basic health rules. Children are going to school in sick buildings with poor ventilation, sharing the virus with each other and taking it home.
      We are closing off health care options for everyone instead of creating separate new facilities for those suffering from the virus.
      And the worse failure is that we knew this was coming, we know that a more deadly virus can loom in the future and all that tax-payer funded planning resulted in exactly what we were supposed to prevent – elderly, low-income baby-boomers from dying unnecessarily!

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