The Possible Ks? Who? What?

Welcome to Satire, Seriousness

and Something to Think About

You’ll see the designation “The Possible Ks” attached to the name of this web-blog and my main web-site ( This reflects that I write in a variety of fiction and non-fiction genres.

Let the idea call forth the style – a poem or lyric, a satire, a short story, a comic-strip and/or an illustration – a blog post, an eBook, a podcast.

The Possible Ks also comes from years and years of hearing experts and community representatives say things and thinking “that’s not exactly true!”

And yet often I didn’t have my thoughts together to answer back.

Maybe you’ve had the same experience.

Well, I am getting my thoughts together and I am sharing them with you.

I look forward to hearing your reactions.

Comments are always welcome as long as they are respectful of others and avoid unnecessary profanity and unhelpful rhetoric.

Freedom comes from ideas expressed.

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Glad to have you aboard.

Freedom comes from ideas expressed.