Happy Canada Day

Compare us to any other country in the world in terms of our work at making this a better world and we are hard to beat.

And we will keep trying to make this a better world, even though sometimes some people have a difficult time acknowledging our progress.

Enjoy your rights and freedoms Canadians and thank people like John A. MacDonald without whom there would be no Canada and no Charter of Rights and Freedoms to enjoy.


The rest of this month will be focused largely on developing my songwriting/lyrics skills. And promoting my Dancing in Dangerous Times – Labour Day Volume available at:


Barnes and Noble


Apple Books


In the meantime …

Kevin Alan McGill The Possible Ks


Labour Day Volume now available

Smashwords has approved Dancing in Dangerous Times – Labour Day Volume.

You can purchase it for around $3. U.S. at Smashwords. They also distribute it to other eBook sellers like Apple Books, Chapters-Indigo and Barnes and Nobles and it should appear there in a few days

Sometimes serious, sometimes satirical, always meant to be enjoyed! The Digests contain a collection of satire, short (flash) fiction and poetry. They are meant for people who want a little intellectual stimulation with their entertainment.



New Dancing in Dangerous Times digest coming soon

This week was all about working on final edits for the latest Dancing in Dangerous Times digest of flash fiction, beat-inspired poetry and satire.

Plan is to publish and distribute through Smashwords by the end of next week.

The theme of this volume is workers and their struggles.

The other issue is how to get you all over to the website to view the regular posts.

I’m working on it.



Busy, Busy, Busy

The week has been spent largely re-arranging the website Kevin Alan McGill The Possible Ks for greater navigability.

I have created more pages and moved some posts around.

Here are some links that might interest you:

eBooks and Such

Spirituality for the Godless


The Canadian Page

The categories include Barebones Rider, Canadian? Me?, Graphic Art, Rodin’s Man, Sat K, The K and The Park Bench.

I am also revising the backstory to The Park Bench and trying to work out how to logically present the ongoing episodes.

Hope you find the content interesting and useful.

Thanks for stopping in.


What’s the best Website Host for WordPress sites?

I am having a challenge with my current host’s abilities and am wondering what host’s others are using for their self-hosted sites. Any suggestions?

Oh, and the latest The Park Bench comic is up at Kevin Alan McGill The Possible Ks



What I Think I Know/Don’t Know – Post 5

Post 5 – The Issue Behind the Issue

Best of the Season

Have a good one!


Government Spending – The 75/25 split

Want better value for your tax dollars?

Here’s my suggestion:


Let’s require that 75 percent of all people receiving public funding for their work

spend 75 percent of their time providing a direct service or direct product

to end users/citizens.

Those providing support services to this initial 75 percent would be lumped in with the remaining 25 percent.


Of the remaining 25 percent, let’s require them to spend 25 percent of their time providing a direct service or direct product to end users/citizens, too.


Each publicly funded activity would be evaluated according to its face to face connection with actual end users/citizens.

Celebrating Being Canadian

In case you couldn’t celebrate May Day on May 1st:

And for this month’s long weekend:

Celebrate Being Canadian. Check out “Canadian? Me?” at smashwords, iBooksAmazon Kindle, Barnes and Nobleand other fine eBook retailers.

The Evolution of My Social Media Presence – as of February 2018

My Social Media presence continues to evolve as does my writing focus.

From all I have learned, in terms of accessibility, interest and variety, “The Message Board” illustrations provide the best online content for you, my followers.

Therefore, I will be regularly posting these illustrations featuring content from the various Ks of the Possible Ks.

I will also continue with the comic strip Park Bench Philosophy on the-possible-ks.com (just because I want to!)

In the meantime, I am developing a series of flash fiction/poetry eBooks following a “digest” format.

And the “Rodin’s Man” project continues towards eBook status along with a blog tie-in. I think this will turn out to be really interesting in terms of developing a product consistent with this new computer age. (I wonder what Dickens would have done nowadays.)

And “Canadian? Me? continues to be available at smashwords, iBooks Amazon Kindle, Barnes and Noble and other fine eBook retailers

Thanks for dropping in and keep in touch!

Kevin Alan McGill

TPK Rehab is moving

Yes, I think that it is time to give TPK Rehab it’s own site. That way I can focus more on developing Rodin’s Man here and of course, Park Bench Philosophy on my self-hosted site, the-possible-ks.com.

I am also looking to publish several volumes of my satire/poetry/flash fiction in the spring.

Podcasting is on hold as I work on speech and voice challenges. Super viruses don’t help, at all, at all.

There is a site re-direct on right now that takes people to my website. I think it disconnects me from you folks so it may not continue.

Take care,


As “Canada 150” concludes

Check out “Canadian? Me?” at smashwords, iBooks Amazon Kindle, Barnes and Noble and other fine eBook retailers.

Park Bench Philosophy Post

Did you see this past Sunday’s Park Bench Philosophy comic strip?

Check it out at the-possible-ks.com

“Sunday Comics”

On Sunday, the Tiny People are coming to Park Bench Philosophy.

Kevin Alan McGill The Possible Ks

The Possible Ks – “Come visit”

For Comics, Satire, Poetry, Flash Fiction, Commentary & More,

visit Kevin Alan McGill The Possible Ks.

Satire, Seriousness and Something to Think About.

The K – “A place for …”

Perhaps you have heard the saying “A place for everything and everything in its place”.

I have come to think that way about blog-sites and social media. They just aren’t one-size-fits-all.

With that in mind, I want to be more narrow in my focus about this WordPress.com site. For those looking for a wider variety of writings, join me for Satire, Seriousness and Something To Think About at  http://the-possible-ks.com   In particular, you may enjoy the weekly Comic Strip, Park Bench Philosophy and the regular feature “The Message Board”.

For the next while, this site will feature “Rodin’s Man”, prose poetry from a contemplative soul.

Hope you find it interesting and worth commenting upon.


The K – “Re … something”

Okay so, I am rebuilding this site. And it may work well to hit your reload or refresh button on your browser so that you get the latest version. This is one of the parts of the tech-universe that I am definitely unsure about. I keep getting new followers and comments from folks who seems to be arriving via posts made 8 months ago.

I am looking to streamline the look and operation of the site so that it is more consumer friendly.

I am also going to get more focused on what goes on this platform versus other platforms while linking you to the-possible-ks.com  for a broad range of satire, seriousness and something to think about.

I plan to focus more on prose poetry on this site while providing a sampler of my other genres.

I will post soon about the newest addition to The Possible Ks.

Take Care,


I’m Back!


Unbeknownst to me, it seems that none of my posts have been showing up in your WordPress.com readers since I moved to my self-hosted site. So if you want to get caught up on some Park Bench Philosophy, Sat K’s Monthly, posters, satire, flash fiction and such, please join me at Kevin Alan McGill The Possible Ks for some satire, seriousness and something to think about.

And for those of you interested in my eBook – “Canadian? Me? – Celebrating Life in This Land Together”, it’s available at Smashwords, iBooks, Amazon-Kindle, Barnes and Noble and other fine ebook retailers. In fact, you can get it for free all this month at Smashwords.

Let’s re-connect as I rebuild this site, too