TPK Rehab has moved

TPK Rehab now has its own site:


TPK Rehab is moving

Yes, I think that it is time to give TPK Rehab it’s own site. That way I can focus more on developing Rodin’s Man here and of course, Park Bench Philosophy on my self-hosted site,

I am also looking to publish several volumes of my satire/poetry/flash fiction in the spring.

Podcasting is on hold as I work on speech and voice challenges. Super viruses don’t help, at all, at all.

There is a site re-direct on right now that takes people to my website. I think it disconnects me from you folks so it may not continue.

Take care,


Park Bench Philosophy – “Bummer”

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Rodin’s Man – January 10, 2017

The framework and characterizations for Rodin’s Man continues to develop.

In the meantime, I want to develop the context of Rodin’s Man’s world.

I thought I’d do that through a series of posts from that world.


Official Notice

– Government of New Dominion

January 10, AW 16

Following unacceptable disturbances at the Nutritional Service in the Borough of City Centre, your Government has ordered its immediate temporary closure. This action will be re-assessed in one week’s time. The service will be re-opened if the situation has been stabilized.

In these difficult times, food is a privilege, not a right.

The Sinter Underground

Security Forces attacked citizens protesting against insufficient amounts and poor quality of food at the local soup kitchen.

The government added to the indignity by thereafter blaming the protesters for the disturbance and then ordering that the facility be temporarily closed.

Once again, government officials and the elite gorge themselves while the populace goes hungry.

Park Bench Philosophy – “Cold”

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Sat K’s Top Stories of 2017

Yes, boys and girls, Sat K once again reflects on the year that was.

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As “Canada 150” concludes

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