Canada -Behind The Mirror ‘Autumn Equinox’

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Be who you are

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Teaching Horrors To Children

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Death by Labelling

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Happy Holy Days

All the best to you at this special time of the year.

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Regardless, I hope that the next year sees the end or at least a dramatic reduction in the pandemic stress.

Take care of yourself.


Limits to Civil Disobedience

Remembrance Day 2021

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Regret Not

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Happy Canada Day

Compare us to any other country in the world in terms of our work at making this a better world and we are hard to beat.

And we will keep trying to make this a better world, even though sometimes some people have a difficult time acknowledging our progress.

Enjoy your rights and freedoms Canadians and thank people like John A. MacDonald without whom there would be no Canada and no Charter of Rights and Freedoms to enjoy.


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The Evolution continues

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