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And they grew up …

Kevin Alan McGill

The cost of non-taxation

Kevin Alan McGill

The Message Board – “Protest”

Kevin Alan McGill

Park Bench Philosophy – “The Park is in Trouble”

Big changes are coming to the Park, threatening the peace and harmony of Bench and his magical forest creatures friends.


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The Message Board – “White Racism”

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The Evolution of My Social Media Presence – as of February 2018

My Social Media presence continues to evolve as does my writing focus.

From all I have learned, in terms of accessibility, interest and variety, “The Message Board” illustrations provide the best online content for you, my followers.

Therefore, I will be regularly posting these illustrations featuring content from the various Ks of the Possible Ks.

I will also continue with the comic strip Park Bench Philosophy on the-possible-ks.com (just because I want to!)

In the meantime, I am developing a series of flash fiction/poetry eBooks following a “digest” format.

And the “Rodin’s Man” project continues towards eBook status along with a blog tie-in. I think this will turn out to be really interesting in terms of developing a product consistent with this new computer age. (I wonder what Dickens would have done nowadays.)

And “Canadian? Me? continues to be available at smashwords, iBooks Amazon Kindle, Barnes and Noble and other fine eBook retailers

Thanks for dropping in and keep in touch!

Kevin Alan McGill