The Evolution of My Social Media Presence – as of February 2018

My Social Media presence continues to evolve as does my writing focus.

From all I have learned, in terms of accessibility, interest and variety, “The Message Board” illustrations provide the best online content for you, my followers.

Therefore, I will be regularly posting these illustrations featuring content from the various Ks of the Possible Ks.

I will also continue with the comic strip Park Bench Philosophy on (just because I want to!)

In the meantime, I am developing a series of flash fiction/poetry eBooks following a “digest” format.

And the “Rodin’s Man” project continues towards eBook status along with a blog tie-in. I think this will turn out to be really interesting in terms of developing a product consistent with this new computer age. (I wonder what Dickens would have done nowadays.)

And “Canadian? Me? continues to be available at smashwords, iBooks Amazon Kindle, Barnes and Noble and other fine eBook retailers

Thanks for dropping in and keep in touch!

Kevin Alan McGill


Rodin’s Man Update – December 10, 2017

It’s the dead of night. You find yourself huddling with the motley few on the rooftop of a rundown building in a ruined city. You strain to absorb the tinny sounds emanating from a hand-held electronic device.

From across the void, The Poet K unpacks his narrative, unravelling the existence of Rodin’s Man and what it means to have a hope in Hell:

Rodin’s Man continues to take shape both in character and as a project.

Rodin’s Man – itinerant organizer and philosopher – with limited resources – with limited time.

The Poet K – narrator – paying homage to the expressed example of the Beat Poets – minus the self-destructive propensities and the focus on juvenile sex

And along the way, flash fiction portrays the struggles of the people in the community as they cling to hope amidst their deprivations.

I hope to have the first volume out this year along with three volumes of Dancing in Dangerous Times – a collection of flash fiction, satire, poetry and posters.

Crossing my fingers for 2018.

Rodin’s Man – Prologue

Rodin’s Man is a work in progress. Feedback appreciated.

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Rodin’s Man – Spoken Word “Could have”

I set up an audio version of this week’s Rodin’s Man.

If you’d like you can check it out on my site at this link:…poken-word-audio/

Due to the file size, I will be replacing the old stuff with new stuff as I go along.

I appreciate feedback.


Rodin’s Man – “Desire”

A world bereft of soft edges.

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The K – “A place for …”

Perhaps you have heard the saying “A place for everything and everything in its place”.

I have come to think that way about blog-sites and social media. They just aren’t one-size-fits-all.

With that in mind, I want to be more narrow in my focus about this site. For those looking for a wider variety of writings, join me for Satire, Seriousness and Something To Think About at   In particular, you may enjoy the weekly Comic Strip, Park Bench Philosophy and the regular feature “The Message Board”.

For the next while, this site will feature “Rodin’s Man”, prose poetry from a contemplative soul.

Hope you find it interesting and worth commenting upon.


The K – “Re … something”

Okay so, I am rebuilding this site. And it may work well to hit your reload or refresh button on your browser so that you get the latest version. This is one of the parts of the tech-universe that I am definitely unsure about. I keep getting new followers and comments from folks who seems to be arriving via posts made 8 months ago.

I am looking to streamline the look and operation of the site so that it is more consumer friendly.

I am also going to get more focused on what goes on this platform versus other platforms while linking you to  for a broad range of satire, seriousness and something to think about.

I plan to focus more on prose poetry on this site while providing a sampler of my other genres.

I will post soon about the newest addition to The Possible Ks.

Take Care,