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The way our democracy is currently working, the only way for me to get an honest appraisal of the candidates’ ability to represent me is to interview each candidate myself and actually get them to answer my questions.

They’re not going to do this!


Kevin Alan McGill The Possible Ks

Frustrating, yes???

It really frustrates me when we all know that we are being misinformed, lied to, and manipulated by all sides of the political spectrum, yet we cling to the belief that the misinformation, lies and manipulations that we like to hear couldn’t be misinformation, lies and manipulations.

Come on, people.

Government Spending – The 75/25 split

Want better value for your tax dollars?

Here’s my suggestion:


Let’s require that 75 percent of all people receiving public funding for their work

spend 75 percent of their time providing a direct service or direct product

to end users/citizens.

Those providing support services to this initial 75 percent would be lumped in with the remaining 25 percent.


Of the remaining 25 percent, let’s require them to spend 25 percent of their time providing a direct service or direct product to end users/citizens, too.


Each publicly funded activity would be evaluated according to its face to face connection with actual end users/citizens.

Trump the system

The K – “Revamping Citizen K Category”

Okay so, it’s time to tidy up the Citizen K posts in preparation for the move to self-hosted.

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Park Bench Philosophy




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The K – 2017

The Oubliant tribe deep in the tropical rainforests of northern Saskatchewan believes that life totally changes with each new day. They live according to their ancient practice of Ol Dlangs Ein. They go to bed each night saying a prayer of forgiveness. Each morning, they renew their pledge to live and let live.

As a result, they are the most abused people on the face of the earth!

Happy New Year, 2017

Okay so, 2016 was amazing for me on so many levels.

The rest of the world – not so much!

As I enter 2017, I am continuing to tidy up and freshen up the blog in preparation for moving it to a self-hosted site using

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Sat Ks Monthly – New Years 2017

Here are

Sat Ks Choices

for the Top Stories of 2016


  • True Diversity!

Each January for the past two decades, the National Association of University-Trained Social Workers has featured a “diversity photo” on the front page of their Annual Review.

For the first time in twenty years, this year’s photo also included a white male!

Upon discovering this, their President apologized for the accidental mix-up, vowing that this will never happen again.

  • Animal rights, and a few lefts, too!

Also in January, Park Rangers at the “Scratch Where It Itches” Nature Preserve came upon a hunter being mauled by a mother bear. Allegedly, the bear took offence at the hunter taking a shot at her cub out of season.

The Rangers admitted that this wasn’t the first time that they had seen a bear attack a hunter. However, it was the first time that they saw a group of the other animals cheering and giving each other high fives.

  • Going with the wind!

In March, the city of Blingkst in Western Russia completed their project of securely fastening rooftop wind turbines to every single building in the city – homes, offices, factories, sheds, garages, schools, stores, everything.

Then came the night of the really, really, really big windstorm.

The good news is that there is virtually no traffic congestion and all kinds of new farmland where the city of Blingkst in Western Russia used to be. The city is now 2000 miles away in Eastern Siberia where officials are trying to convert to solar panels instead.

  • A rose by any other name!

In April, some members of the Indigenous community of Grassy Straits petitioned the band council to change the name of their community.

For decades now, the folks of Grassy Straits have been dealing with unsafe levels of mercury contamination in their water supply. This was caused by inadequate environmental controls placed on mining companies. Over the years, the federal government’s response has been equally inadequate.

The petitioners want Grassy Straits to become officially known as “Yoo hoo, dumbass, we’re still here and the mercury is still making us sick.”

  • What would you expect!

Last May, scientists at the Geneva Space Exploration Foundation identified a planet in outer space with the exact atmospheric specifications and climate of planet Earth.

They immediate sent out an unmanned space probe to explore this option.

Shortly after launching, the probe picked up signals from an identical ship heading our way.

Apparently this planet is so identical to ours that, just like us, the inhabitants have made it unsuitable for living.

Being equipped with Artificial Intelligence, the probe decided “what the hell” and continued on its journey. It hopes to eventually meet up with the other probe and go somewhere that doesn’t have humans.

  • Methane mania!

Last summer, scientists in India completed development of a machine capable of rendering cow farts harmless. As you may know, next to fossil fuels, cow farts are the leading cause of ozone-depleting methane gas.

Unfortunately, this new fart rendering process takes about 15,000 litres of oil per day.

  • Do you see what I see?

In August, claiming religious freedom, Eleonora Poods refused to follow her local town’s “stoop and scoop” bylaw. She claimed that her dog’s droppings resembled one of the Apostles.

In related news, Sister Maria Conchita Vasquez Rodrigues of Columbia threw up on the Pope.

  • Getting your Priorities straight!

Once again this Fall, a large cross section of representatives from the major world religions came together to discuss and debate weighty ecumenical issues. Topics ranged from abortion to the necessary standards of modesty in women’s clothing, from gay marriage to the nature of the afterlife.

Representatives from the Salvation Army made themselves useful by staying in the kitchen and making soup for everybody.

  • It’s the law!

2016 saw the “A Law” come into force in Canada.

The A Law is similar to those “justifiable force” laws in some US States. Those laws allow the use of lethal force if you feel in fear for your safety. Apparently that means that in those states you can shoot a black man any time that you want and you don’t even have to have a badge.

Following that model, now any woman in Canada can hit her husband or boyfriend with a frying pan without fear of legal penalty. All she has to do is cite the A Law and say “Well your honour, he was an a**hole!”

There have been no constitutional challenges to the law as yet as in every case so far it was hard to argue he wasn’t.

  • Senior Women’s Lessons from Experience

    (formerly known as Old Wives Tales!)

And speaking of apologies, this was another banner year for PCFs (Power and Control Freaks) demanding apologies for any perceived slight.

We all know the old childhood “Senior Women’s Lessons from Experience” saying “Step on a crack and break your mother’s back”.

Well, an organized group of PCF’s made six-year old Suzy Minak apologize to all mothers. On her way home from school, Little Suzy accidentally stepped on a sidewalk crack. Suzy was not only forced to apologize, she was also ordered to take sensitivity training and to stay off sidewalks for 6 months.

Funeral services for Suzy were held soon thereafter due to being hit by a truck while walking on the road.

The driver of the truck apologized.

  • Election news!

In the first-ever democratic elections in the Middle-east Caliphate of Saudi bin Laden, Al Fatwa El Mundo was elected President.

Al campaigned on a platform of bringing Sunny ways back to the region. Whoops, make that Sunni Ways. He also promised to cut taxes while increasing spending, to stop the use of foreign camels, to build a wall around every oasis and to make Saudi Bin Laden Great Again.

Upon hearing that he had won, Al commented “Frig me! I guess that shit works everywhere.”

  • And finally, Faux Fur Flying

Fake news stories were all the rage this year. The more outrageous they were, the more they were believed.

So Sat K wants you to know that all the above stories were 100 percent true.

This disclaimer is not FYI (For Your Information). It’s YFI.

All Sat K could think of when he heard what some of you actually believed was YFI – You Freaking Idiots!

And that’s it for us. Have the year that you are going to have!

For Satire, Seriousness and Something To Think About, come to Kevin Allan McGill The Possible Ks

Park Bench Philosophy – Let’s Have That Conversation





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Park Bench Philosophy – Let’s Have That Conversation

Get your weekly edition of Park Bench Philosophy at Kevin Allan McGill The Possible Ks

“Park Bench Philosophy” – Let’s Have That Conversation





Get your weekly edition of Park Bench Philosophy at Kevin Allan McGill The Possible Ks

Sat Ks Monthly – December, 2016

Welcome to Sat K’s Monthly,

a satirical slant on our silly society.

Sat K’s Monthly is meant for a mature audience. Mature excludes anyone who believes that the “experts” at the so-called Think Tanks are objective scientists when they are actually “paid spin-doctors”. I’m just saying.

Where Are We Coming From

For security reasons, we move around alot.

Sat K’s Monthly could be coming from virtually anywhere in the world or anywhere in the virtual world.

Like this episode may be coming from the streets of a large Canadian city.

We could be coming from Canada’s largest city. Here, visible minorities are treated to a hands-on approach to policing. Certain officers will make sure that you feel noticed. They’ll also help you to keep track of your belongings by asking you to empty your pockets right there on the street. And, if you can’t remember your name, all you have to do is ask one of these officers. They will have a card with your name on it somewhere in their records.

And you don’t have to be doing anything to receive such service. In fact most people aren’t doing anything when these officers stop them for a chat.

Actually we could be coming from any major Canadian city as we take advantage of their free camping offers. If you get tired or have no place else to go, you can just lie down on the sidewalk and have a nap. Nobody will stop you. They’ll just step over you and be on their way. Some people camp out like this for days, weeks, months, even years. They just take their place as one of our invisible minorities.

You’ll also find that prostitution is legal on the streets of Canada. However, asking for or offering it isn’t legal, even if you are Canadian polite and say please! What you have to do instead is wrap a twenty-dollar bill around a cup of hot Tim Horton’s coffee. Then walk up to a hooker and tell her you’ll give her the coffee and your mittens if is she will give you a hand!


We May have the product for you!

And say, are you one of those people who just don’t want to hear the other side of political arguments?

Well we may have the product for you. It’s our high-tech, state of the art, top quality yet affordable “STFU Audio Content Changer”.

Just attach STFU to your TV, radio or computer device. Next, set the playback to whichever of our pre-packaged political speeches that you prefer. Then anytime the news comes on or someone starts talking politics, whatever they are saying will be replaced by ideas that you like to hear.

Don’t take chances. Other people’s opinions will just lead you astray.

Buy STFU today and we will send you absolutely free one of our personalized “Buy-a-judge” Constitution Interpretation audio books. Just like in real life, you can find a judge to interpret the constitution anyway you see fit.

STFU and the “Buy-a-judge” audio book, guns and bullets sold separately.

This month’s “Could have been News!”:

Citizens of all political stripes were overjoyed today when the legislative assemblies unanimously passed an omnibus bill requiring balanced reporting on the issues, the end of attack ads during political campaigns, proportional representation to make sure that all voices are heard, limits on individual and special interest group campaign funding, and respect for the individual and collective rights of all … As if!

Call to Action –

Supporting Sat Ks Cause of the Month

This month’s support opportunity for you loyal Satirical K followers arises from the continuing surge in religious intolerance.

We believe that peaceful dialogue doesn’t work. Answering violence with violence doesn’t work. Starting alternative faiths or hybrid faiths doesn’t work.

Our buttons work!

Yes, we have the button for you!

And what do our buttons say? They say “Sorry, but all of you are wrong!”

Yes, Sat K says if you can’t beat them, piss them off to no end!

Send for a package of “Sorry, but all of you are wrong!” buttons today. Then start giving them out at Mosques, Synagogues, Temples, Churches, Assembly Halls, Bingo Halls, anywhere committed religious folks are known to congregate (but not the Salvation Army, they actually do some good!)

Just send us 10 percent of all your current and future earnings. Then go out and get irritating.

This Month’s Comic Strip





So that’s it for this issue of Sat K’s Monthly,

just one part of The Possible Ks family.


For Satire, Seriousness and Something To Think About, come to Kevin Allan McGill The Possible Ks


The Possible Ks – “Graphic Content:

Don’t want you to get that dreaded “oops, not found message”!

For Satire, Seriousness and Something To Think About, come to Kevin Allan McGill The Possible Ks