The way our democracy is currently working, the only way for me to get an honest appraisal of the candidates’ ability to represent me is to interview each candidate myself and actually get them to answer my questions.

They’re not going to do this!


Kevin Alan McGill The Possible Ks

Frustrating, yes???

It really frustrates me when we all know that we are being misinformed, lied to, and manipulated by all sides of the political spectrum, yet we cling to the belief that the misinformation, lies and manipulations that we like to hear couldn’t be misinformation, lies and manipulations.

Come on, people.

So we’re having a federal election …

Do you want better candidate choices in an election? Then use KSEA.


The first qualification needed in a candidate seeking to be your representative is a broad knowledge of people and systems. The candidate needs to demonstrate that they understand how society, democracy and working with others works.


Next they need to show skills in working with others, particularly listening skills. They also need to demonstrate research skills and communication skills.


Then they need to demonstrate experience both in life in general and in representing and advising others. Does the candidate really know how others experience life? Can they see past their own narrow preferences?


And finally, the candidate needs to be someone who wants to work things out? The candidate needs to be committed to democracy rather than the exercise of power.


Talk with your friends and others about KSEA. Start looking for and encouraging potential candidates between elections.


Better representative democracy is based on better representatives.