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The only bad ones

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Teaching Horrors To Children

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Limits to Civil Disobedience

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Happy Canada Day

Compare us to any other country in the world in terms of our work at making this a better world and we are hard to beat.

And we will keep trying to make this a better world, even though sometimes some people have a difficult time acknowledging our progress.

Enjoy your rights and freedoms Canadians and thank people like John A. MacDonald without whom there would be no Canada and no Charter of Rights and Freedoms to enjoy.


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To politicians relying on the wicked to keep them in power …

Good for the Country

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Personal Responsibility


Kiss Me

Kiss Me


Right to Life

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Just Going to Die

Just going to die …


The seeds for democracy in China

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The next number of weeks will be dedicated to home renovations so the blogging might get a bit “hit and miss”.

In the meantime, here are some thoughts:

If Economics is a social science, then Economic Statistics need to show relevant social impact data. I don’t think that the GDP (Gross Domestic Product) measure does this very well.

How about we ask Economists to provide a GGP – Gross Garbage Product measure? How much of a country’s “wealth” is turning up in landfill sites where it is assumed to no longer be the “wealth” that it was in the past? Maybe we could subtract the GGP from the GDP to get a more useful measure.

How about a GRR – a Gross Relevance Rate? This would measure how much people think they really have a meaningful impact on economic decision-making?

How about GAR – Gross Anxiety Rate? This would measure such things as the impact of travelling an hour or so a day in all kinds of weather on super highways while being deeply in debt and feeling extreme time pressure.

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Modern First World Problem #803

So many baby boomers are trying to downsize from larger homes to smaller homes that smaller homes are now way more expensive than larger homes.


The Problem with Science

An Alternative Defense Policy

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